SVBG is happy to post requests to support a blacksmithing event.  SVBG by posting the event is not responsible for providing support.  However, it will provide a vehicle to locate blacksmiths who may be interested in participating in your event.  Please provide an email from the Contact SVBG page with the following information:

Event name:

Date (s):

Time (s) 

Blacksmith or Event POC:


Phone number:

Description of the event:  include logistical support available (insurance, anvils, forges, tools, coal, propane, drinks, snacks, physical layout,  parking etc) the help that is wanted and support that is required (tools, tables, continuous or multiple presentations etc.) Also include whether this is a charitable or educational demo (Boy Scouts, school or Church or civil group) or is this a craft show where items will be sold. 

A page containing this information will be posted. Any support to the event will be between the individual requester and the persons responding directly to the request.