Shenandoah Valley Blacksmith Guild  Library List

Updated: July 31, 2010

These titles are available for any SVBG member to borrow. 


 American Antique Weather Vanes ‑ The Complete Illustrated Westervelt Catalog of 1883,

By A. B. & W. T Westervelt

Anvils in America,  by Richard Postman 

Art of the Knife,  by Joe Kertzman

Blacksmith Sketchbook,  by Steve Alling

Cast and Wrought ‑ The Architectural Metalwork of Richmond, Virginia,  by Robert P. Winthrop

Charleston Blacksmith: The Work of Phillip Simmons,  by John Michael Vlach

Collecting Antique Metalware,  by Evan Perry

Custom Knifemaking,  by Tim McCreight

Decorative Ironwork,  by the Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas

Davis Brothers ‑ Gatesmiths,  by Ifor Edwards

Early American Ironware  ‑ Cast and Wrought,  by Henry J. Kauffman

Early American Metal Projects,  by Joseph William Daniele

Early Tools and Equipment,  by Elmer Smith

Foxfire 5: Ironmaking, blacksmithing, flintlock rifles, bear hunting, and other affairs of plain                      living,            edited by B. Eliot Wigginton

How to Makes Knives,  by Richard W. Barney and Robert W. Loveless

Make the Knife You Carry,  by Kellen C. Greene

Mousehole Forge,  by Richard Postman, with John and Julia Hatfield

Moving Metal, The Art of Chasing and Repousse,  by Adolph Steins

Negro Ironworkers of Louisiana, 1718 - 1900,  by Marcus Christian

Ornamental Ironwork,  by Susan & Michael Southworth

Plain and Ornamental Forging,  by Ernst Schwartzkolpf

Practical Blacksmithing ‑ Vol. I and II,  compiled and edited by M. T.  Richardson

Practical Blacksmithing ‑ Vol. III and IV,  compiled and edited by M. T.  Richardson

Southwestern Colonial Ironwork,  by Marc Simmons and Frank Turley

Technological Innovation and the Decorative Arts,  edited by Ian M. G. Quimby and Polly Anne Earl

The $50 Knife Shop,  by Wayne Goddard, Revised edition

The Art of Blacksmithing,  by Alex Bealer,   1969

The Art of Blacksmithing,   by Alex Bealer,   Revised edition 1976

The Complete Guide to Blacksmithing ‑ Horseshoeing, Carriage and Wagon Building and  

Painting,  by Professor A. Lungwitz and Charles F. Adams

The Complete Modern Blacksmith,  by Alexander Weygers

The Making of Tools,  by Alexander Weygers,  Hardcover

The Making of Tools,  by Alexander Weygers,  Softcover

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Metalworking,  by Peter Scott

The Village Blacksmith,  by Aldren A. Watson

The Wonder of Knifemaking,  by Wayne Goddard

To Draw, Upset, & Weld,  by Jeannette Lasansky

Tool Making for Woodworkers,  by Ray Larsen